A commemorative letterpress book, complete with linocut illustrations, and hand-set letterpress type. The book features a selection of extracts from the minutes books of a 127-year-old Gentlemen's club, The Peripatetics.

The Peripatetics are a Dublin-based society of Gentlemen, who have met once a month for the past 127 years, to socialise, converse, and consume fine food and drink. After each meeting, the task falls to the Honorary Secretary of the club to carefully transcribe an account of what transpired. These accounts, meticulously hand-written and stored in the beautifully tactile Minute Books, cover everything that was discussed (war, fishing, beekeeping, false teeth) to what refreshments were served, all with an eloquence and gentle humour that is the essence of the Peripatetics. 

The book was printed in the Distillers Press in NCAD, in a limited edition of 20 books, and was beautifully hand-bound by Duffy's bookbinders.