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Rebrand, identity design

International Rugby Players (formerly IRPA) is the global representative body to professional rugby players. They deal with everything from player welfare, to laws of the game, injury management and anti-doping education, and are a vital pillar for the players in this professional era.

The challenge was to reevaluate the brand, simplify it’s messaging, and to create a new visual identity that would cut through what is an extremely crowded market space (with lots of rugby ball logos!). Most importantly, the ask was to create a brand that placed the players at the heart of the identity, and highlighted the importance of their welfare.

The new identity incorporates a simple, punchy, typographic wordmark, complemented by a bright colour highlighter mark, which is used as both a primary and secondary graphic throughout the brand. Large, robust typography enforces the new tagline, Voice of the Game, while a versatile suite of social assets distinguishes the brand across its platforms.